How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Nokia 8?

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Nokia 8?

Postby camonery5 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:59 am

There are obvious metal texture in the NOKIA 8 on the back of the fuselage, the upper and lower ends of the edge part of the arc antenna, at the same time the family type camera style is also quite eye-catching, but because it is early engineering machine's sake, so in the middle of two cameras and laser focusing module does not appear Zeiss logo, which is the machine can the "stately" appeared in the main cause of second-hand platform.

As for the main specification configuration of NOKIA 8, is now basically from the run of the information platform, including pre installed Andrdoid 7.1.1 system, and equipped Xiaolong 835 processor, memory combination with 4GB/6GB RAM memory and 64GB ROM, and support for memory expansion. As for the dual camera with 13 million pixels, not only will mark the Cai Si lens Logo, but also uses a color + black and white sensor combination.

NOKIA 8 is also rumored to be equipped with a 5.3 inch 2K resolution display, but whether it has IP68 class waterproof function, there is no definite news. According to sources at the same time in Post Bar broke the news that NOKIA will have 8 metallic blue, silver, gold and bronze light blue four color styles, the mass production of the most is the blue and silver version, and now has been started from the Foxconn library, so it is expected soon after the release of listed in.

Are you can not wait to buy a new Nokia 8 to replace your old Samsung Galaxy device?

If so, you must be looking for a simple way to sync all your personal data including contacts, photos, videos, text messages and more from the old Galaxy phone to Nokia 8, right? Well, take it easy, to transfer photos from Samsung to Nokia 8, what you need is just the Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is the outstanding data tranfser program which can transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, calendars, call logs, messages, apps and app data for you. It supports iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone perfectly. With it, you can copy data from one phone to another without any difficulty. Besides, you can backup and restore your iPhone data by using this tool.

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Re: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Nokia 8?

Postby deveauwelle32 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:00 am

When you have a new phone, you need to transfer old phone photos or other files to your new phone.

Just follow this way, you can save a lot of time on this thing, and then quickly move the files.

How to transfer photos from Samsung to Nokia 8.

Samsung transfer tool is your best choice, then you can quickly finish the work.
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Re: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Nokia 8?

Postby smalling123 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:12 pm

In this situation, you need a phone to phone transfer tool to help you, which can help you transfer photos from Samsung phone to Nokia 8 phone.

In addition, it allows you to transfer other files like videos, contacts, SMS, music, call logs, documents...

With this helpful tool, you just spend a little time to copy files and keep your files in a safe environment.
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