How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Nokia 8 Sirocco

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Nokia 8 Sirocco

Postby Honeiher » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:07 am

Nokia 8 front and rear cameras support UHD 4K video and 13 million pixel resolution setting options.

Nokia8's 13-megapixel dual camera, RGB color sensor and black and white sensors, while the other core configuration also includes the flagship Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 processor and 4GB running memory, 64GB from the fuselage storage space.

Although Nokia 8 is unlikely to preload the next generation of Android O version of the operating system, but we found that HMD company has begun an internal test, so it is worth a little look forward to look.

The final price, there are rumors that Nokia 8 in the European market price of 520 euros, lower than we expected. But now everything is only rumors stage, everything must wait until the HMD conference can be officially revealed the answer.

Are you can not wait to buy a new Nokia 8 to replace your old Android phone? If so, you must be interested in how to transfer Samsung data to Nokia 8 Sirocco, right? To transfer photos between any two Android devices, you can not miss the Phone Transfer tool.

Phone Transfer is the outstanding data tranfser program which can transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, calendars, call logs, messages, apps and app data for you. It supports iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone perfectly. With it, you can copy data from one phone to another without any difficulty. Besides, you can backup and restore your iPhone data by using this tool.

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How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Nokia 8 Sirocco

Postby Avesfoner » Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:17 pm

По мне так Nokia N8 лучше чем Samsung Galaxy S, ибо эти закосы под iPhone уже как-то напрягают, да и Nokia заслуживает уважения, ведь это единственная компания которая отказалась от услуг компании Google по предоставлению ОС для мобильных устроиств с интересным названием «Андроид», и осталось при своём мнение, а не отдала дань моде.

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