pending transaction?

Re: pending transaction?

Postby ST - Felice » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:18 am

Hi Insanemtg1992. My name is Straight Talk Felice. Sorry for the issue you have in trying to reactivate your phone. Please check your Forum inbox for a message.
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Re: pending transaction?

Postby tgriff02 » Wed Dec 25, 2019 2:30 pm

I also am having this problem. I added a $55 unlimited plan card to my account this morning, about 4 hours ago now, and in the My Account app it shows my new service end date of Jan 24, my account isn't actually active and when I try to call the number I just get the prerecorded "Your transaction is pending, please wait 5 more minutes. Fuck You." message before being hung up on.
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Re: pending transaction?

Postby ST - Mark » Sun Dec 29, 2019 12:29 am

Hi tgriff02. My name is Straight Talk Mark. We need to take this issue offline so I can address it further. I have sent you a private message. Please check your Forum inbox. You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information. Thanks!
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