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Postby Iceman » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:57 pm

I saw on the coverage map that for Android phones, the coverage area is smaller.
1. If I get into a roaming area, will the phone even work? I understand if data won't work, but will talk and text work in a roaming area?
2. What about for non-android phones? Same question as above.
3. What is a pre-paid only service area? Does that mean ST phones won't work in those areas? Where are those areas?
4. Because I'm not directly with the coverage provider's service, does that mean my phone usage is second-tier importance to main service provider users?

I'd like to get 2 ST phones for me and my wife, but I'm worried about not getting talk/text in roaming areas, and therefore having no way to contact someone when I want/need, etc.

Please answer the questions above. Thanks!
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Re: Roaming

Postby John » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:50 pm

Hi Iceman. My name is Straight Talk John and I will be addressing your question. Straight Talk does not offer roaming. As long as there is coverage in the area for Android, CMDA or GSM technology, you will be able to get a service and use your phone. Thanks!
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Re: Roaming

Postby Iceman » Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:34 pm

When you say you do not offer roaming, does that mean that the phone will not be usable in roaming areas of a given network's coverage area? It's possible I don't understand the implications of "roaming".

Also, you did not answer all the questions I had in the previous post. Please do so, as I'd love to switch to ST but I'm not comfortable switching without getting all the information I require.
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Re: Roaming

Postby Anne_ST » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:26 am

Hi Iceman. My name is Straight Talk Anne. Straight Talk does not offer roaming means that if your phone runs off Sprint network, and you go to other areas without Sprint coverage, then your phone won't work. That would be the same thing with other networks.
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Re: Roaming

Postby speedlever » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:34 pm

Tagging onto this thread, if I understand correctly, any prepaid service will not include roaming coverage... whether it be with an MNVO like ST or whether it's VZW, AT&T, Sprint, or TMobile's prepaid service. If that is accurate, then prepaid service with ST will have the same coverage as prepaid service with the MNO, but it will be less expensive.

Now why roaming is not included, I don't know unless it's meant as an inducement to move to postpaid service.
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