Hotspot on my $45 plan, turned off

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Hotspot on my $45 plan, turned off

Postby p49k » Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:18 am

I plan to move to T-mobile in a couple days. In fact I am testing with them right now on my main phone and have
my straight talk AT&T sim another phone. The hotpsot is still off on the straight talk AT&T sim
but working perfectly on my main phone which was the phone I used for straight talk.

The T-Mobile plan is $40 per month. I get unlimited talk/text/ 50GB of data w/hopspot
plus WiFi calling and if I travel, for example to Aruba I get unlimited free texting and $0.25 per min calling.
This plan with taxes is about $48 dollars. The straight talk plan with taxes with the $45 is around $49.
If I upgrade to the T-Mobile $50 dollar plan (this includes all taxes) I get more features like
unlimited text and data when as in my example traveling to Aruba. Mobile hotspot
is at LTE speed with the $50 dollar tax included plan, vs. 3G with the $45. All other features
included as in the $40 plan.

Straight talk. can you tell me why after over 10 years of being with you why I should stay?
If you kept my mobile hotspot working this would not have been an issue but now that you forced
me to look at the T-Mobile plans, I need a very good reason to stay.
So far cell coverage is as good or better.
Please advise

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