Been a customer since 2014, $45 UNLIMITED. Now no hotspot!!!

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Been a customer since 2014, $45 UNLIMITED. Now no hotspot!!!

Postby pditty8811 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:07 pm

Been a customer since 2014, using $45 unlimited text/talk/data every one of those months. Now I get no hotspot!

Does ST want to lose customers?

I'm about ready to leave ST. I have a full year's worth of $45 unlimited paid already on my account. I don't want to repurchase $55 dollar cards just to get hotspot again?!!!

I need this for work. I'm a developer!
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Re: Been a customer since 2014, $45 UNLIMITED. Now no hotspo

Postby ST - Mark » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:30 pm

Hi pditty8811. My name is Straight Talk Mark. Sorry for the trouble this has caused you. We understand how convenient it is to use your phone as a Hotspot for other devices. However, we do not support tethering or allowing your device to serve as a Wi-Fi for other devices even if it comes with a Hotspot feature with the $45 service plan. You will need to add the $55 service plan so you can use the Mobile Hotspot. For Mobile Hotspot related questions, please text the word HOTSPOT to 611611. Thanks.
ST - Mark
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