LG G6 Data Recovery

LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby Lillllian » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:17 am

LG has come up with great smartphones over the past few years and they have all the features you need in a phone. The brand is quite popular for Android users due to its strong functionality and great design. LG G6 (Plus) released in 2017 is LG's first flagship product. Its excellent performance has made it one of the best Android mobile phones in the year, and here are some outstanding characteristics of it:
Water resistance, reduce the risk of water damage
The 5.7 inch screen has opted an 18:9 aspect ratio, while most Android phones are 16:9. It allows you to get an extra helping to view content in eyes
More advanced camera tech: an unique wide-angle camera gives you impressive shooting experience
Eye-catching look with a streamlined aesthetic and smooth unibody design

Regardless how amazing the LG G6 is, losing the stored data on the device is inevitable at times. You may accidentally delete some important files on LG G6 when you are looking them back. Or your files are erased due to factory reset, Android OS update, ROM flashing, rooting, etc. The good news is that after your files get lost, they are not immediately and permanently gone. The storage locations of the deleted files are just marked as available for overwriting by new data. Thus, before they are overwritten, you have the opportunity to recover deleted/lost data from LG G6/G6 Plus.

How to Recover Deleted Photos, Contacts, SMS Messages and Other Data from LG G6
You will need the assistance of a proper recovery tool and this is where Yolisoft Android Recovery comes in. It is a data recovery software exclusively for Android users, which can help you retrieve all sorts of deleted data from LG G6. With simply four steps, you can get the recovery done. 

Step 1: Launch the LG G6 Data Recovery Software
Obtain a copy of the tool on your Windows or Mac PC. Open it after installation.

Step 2: Connect LG G6 to PC and Establish Connection
Plug your mobile phone into a free USB port on computer with the original USB cable. Ensure your device can be recognized by both your computer and the software. If not, please install LG PC Suite on your computer first.  

Step 3: Analyze and Scan Lost Data 
After the connection is established, click the "Start" button to begin the process of searching for lost data on your LG G6. There will be a progress bar shows you how much time is left, wait patiently. Meanwhile, during the scanning process, don't disconnect your phone.

Step 4: Preview and Recover Data from LG G6/G6+
When the scan is finished, all the lost data on your phone will be presented to you. Check for the data that you are looking for and selectively restore them to a safe destination. 
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Re: LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby henri2398 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:35 am

First Check backup, in order to recover lost or deleted videos/photos and music files. If you have backed up your photos and video to Google Drive, then you can restore it from Google Drive.

In case, if you do not have any backup, in such situation you can use LG Android phone data recovery tool to recover deleted or lost data from LG G6 and other LG Android phone.
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Re: LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby smalling123 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:23 am

losing data from LG G6 phone, don't worry about the problem.

Two methods to access lost files:
1. Restore deleted data from previous backup files.
2. Restore deleted data from LG recovery software.

Just choose one way to get back your lost files quickly.
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Re: LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby wasai » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:04 am

About LG G6 Data Recovery, the easy way is using LG Data Recovery software. With its help, we can easily access deleted or lost data like contacts, text messages, call history, photos, etc and get them back from LG G6. Of course, if the data is overwritten by new data, there is no way to get them back.
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Re: LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby LecarMe » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:07 pm

When you are using LG smart phone and want to get back deleted data on it. You can use LG Data Recovery to scan your phone and find the deleted and lost data from your LG smart phone. You can recover messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your LG smart phone. Learn how to recover deleted text messages on LG G6.
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Re: LG G6 Data Recovery

Postby alansmith » Sun Apr 21, 2019 3:58 am

You can try to use Android Data Recovery as LG data recovery software. It can scan your LG G6 and SD card deeply to find the deleted and lost data for you. You can preview the data before recovering. Learn how to recover deleted photos from LG G6. Besides photos, you can also recover messages, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your LG phone.
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