Best reception phone?

Best reception phone?

Postby Runaway1956 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:49 pm

I'm kinda cheap. I've owned a couple of Samsung phones now, and a cheap LG. I've not yet found a phone that gets good reception where I work. I'm inside a mostly metal building, with some fiberglass panels that should allow radio reception. None of my phones, so far, has done a great job.

Recently, I was handed a wad of old phones, to play with. Basically, old things that the owners were ready to throw away. I charged them all up, and wandered around the plant, watching the signal bars on them.

Of this disposable bunch, all Straight Talk Samsungs, none got as good a reception as my 455C. My boss, however, has a Straight Talk Samsung 451, which gets 3 bars in the inner office, where I get none.

I mentioned this to my son, who is pretty bright with tech stuff. He told me that the 451 is just so much trash. Well - I generally put a lot of stock in his evaluations - but in this case, my boss has owned three of those 451's, and she swears by them.

My question is - which of Straight Talk's phones actually gets best reception? I might even be willing to fork over some cash for a "smart phone", if it can be demonstrated that one phone, or another, actually performs better than others.

Reception is what counts. All the bells and whistles, games, memory, GPS, and whatever else, are all worthless if I can't make a phone call!
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Re: Best reception phone?

Postby Stephanie_ST » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:02 pm

Hi Runaway1956. My name is StraightTalk Stephanie and I will be addressing your question. Please be informed that the signal of your phone will vary based on the network location. If you are far from the nearest tower in that area, you will not get good reception. It is not with the technology of the phone. The phone runs off AT&T or T-Mobile if your phone model ends with G (GSM) and Verizon if it ends with C (CDMA). The Android phones run off Sprint Prepaid Network, except the ZTE Merit which runs off AT&T network and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim which runs off Verizon Prepaid Network. You will need to choose a phone that has good service based on the network that provides good coverage in that area. Thanks!
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