Galaxy S9 mss problem

Galaxy S9 mss problem

Postby Wakeley Bridge » Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:29 pm

Bought an unused, unlocked GS9 and started the Bring Your Own Phone process.Got it
working and then discovered I can't send or receive text messages that contain images.
Called customer service and spent an hour on the phone with them and then they
attempted to transfer me to a higher up aide. Got disconnected. Called back and had
To go thru entire earlier call and repair step attempts. Got transferred after about an
hour and went thru many more repair steps to no avail. Rep then spoke with another
rep. He then came back to me and said he was told that there is a MSS problem
unique to G S9's and I need to deal directly with Samsung to fix the problem. Has
anyone else dealt with this?
Wakeley Bridge
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