How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Postby camonery5 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:12 am

In recent years, large-screen mobile phones have become the undisputed mainstream trend. With the increasing demand for entertainment videos, games, etc., users are increasingly demanding the experience of large-screen mobile phones. Many large-screen products cannot effectively reflect the advantages of large-screen mobile phones in audio-visual, gaming, mobile office, etc. due to the design of the fuselage, hardware configuration, etc., but Samsung Note9 has done it.
In appearance, Samsung Galaxy Note9 uses a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED full-view curved screen, which brings a better visual experience and more operating space. It can also be easily realized with narrow frame and slim body design. Hand hold operation. The high-capacity battery of up to 4,000mAh provides users with a long-lasting power for daily use. It also offers 128GB and 512GB storage space. With the addition of extended storage, the storage space can be up to 1TB, which eliminates the need for users to save storage space. Advanced 10nm processor with hardware support for up to 1.2GB/sec download speed, reducing user buffering and download latency. The remote-controlled S Pen allows users to take pictures, control slides and video playback more easily, making the experience more convenient.

Are you wanting to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note to replace the old Galaxy phone, and also looking for a simple way to transfer Samsung pictures to Samsung Note 9 due to all kinds of reasons? Well, please don't worry, to save your time and energy, I can not miss the Phone to Phone Transfer.

Phone to Phone Transfer is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that allows you to Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another in three simple steps:

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Re: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy No

Postby wasai » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:23 am

Besides Samsung Smart Switch, the easy way to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is using pro phone transfer program, if you have a computer and both of Samsung phones in hands. You just need to connect them to the computer via usb cables, start the phone transfer program. A short time scanning later, you can directly transfer photos between them.
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