Calls are intermittently going straight to voicemail

Calls are intermittently going straight to voicemail

Postby dmcmillen » Fri May 19, 2017 12:26 pm

My wife (iphone 4S) and I (iphone 5) are both experiencing this problem of the phone not ringing and calls going straight to voicemail. Sometimes I will get the voicemail hours after the call was made which would seem like a TFW service problem to me. Right now it is happening almost all the time with my wife's 4S. The phones are not silenced, set for call forwarding, etc. etc. I don't see any settings that might be responsible for this. When this happens, there is no indication of a missed call, just a voicemail. Callers may be in the same town/vicinity or not. Calls between my wife and me may produce the same result. Based on my experience, this smells of a TFW service problem where the call is not being handed off or processed in a timely fashion. Note: I have been experiencing this for the years I have been on Straight Talk. It's just getting worse lately.

Any else having the same problem or suggestions on how to fix?
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Re: Calls are intermittently going straight to voicemail

Postby Shelly_ST » Fri May 19, 2017 12:44 pm

Hi dmcmillen. My name is Straight Talk Shelly. Sorry that you're having a problem. Please check your Forum inbox for a message. Thank you.
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